Lenses and Kits

Among the many amazing features of your typical smartphone is the camera. Unless you are a professional photographer, carrying a separate camera and kit can often be more trouble than it’s worth. Photography gear is heavy, fragile, expensive and not exactly the most convenient thing to take with you on every outing.

The option to instantly upgrade the quality of your phone camera with a lens attachment is a really nice one to have. The majority of smartphone camera kits on the market are small enough and tough enough to simply keep in your backpack or purse with you for those times when you find yourself really wishing you had your camera with you.

Fully connected and fully online you can capture amazing images and share moments on the spot with people anywhere on the globe.

The relatively recent and ever evolving market of smartphone lens adapters allows you to leverage your camera’s ability to create digital, shareable images the quality of which, only a few short years ago, would only have been possible by professionals. It’s a great time to get into the world of smartphone cameras.


Our selections:

iPhone Camera Lens Pro Kit by Xenvo

A truly affordable, high quality lens kit compatible with iPhone models 4 thru 7 as well as other Android and Samsung smartphone models by Xenvo. It is a 2 in 1 kit offering a Truview 0.45x wide angle lens and  a Clarus 12.5x macro lens. Simple but with enough  features and design considerations to satisfy just about anyone from amateur hobbyist to online professionals looking to create visual content for their businesses. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum it is both light and extremely strong. The Clarus 12.5x Macro Lens offers amazing close-up potential:

A sample photograph of the magnification abilities of the macro lens included in the kit.

While the Truview 0.45x Wide Angle Lense can allow you to capture up to 45% more picture than your standard smartphone lens will allow. Check out the image below to get an idea of what a difference that can make in your photos.


A before and after view of the same scene using the wide angle lens included in the kit.

The universal camera lens clip-on design (complete with soft rubber pads to prevent scratching) is compatible with all Apple devices *and the majority of other smartphone models as well(. So you can use it on your iPad, too. It also comes with a carrying case to keep it safe while not in use.

The macro and wide angle lenses as they would appear on your phone.



This is truly a quality product with a really nice price point that can often be found for less than $30. Highly recommended and consistently rated 5 stars by the online community. If you’re looking for a versatile, convenient way to take beautiful pictures without dropping hundreds of dollars on photography gear give this one a go.


Wide Lens by Moment

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This one is definetely a higher end option in the smartphone lens market. Moment lesnes have received multiple awards for their design and quality and the lense pictured above is actually their newest version of their wide lens.

These lenses are handmade and a lot of effort and thought goes into their design. First, they offer guaranteed “edge to edge” quality  through the lens which means you get an exceptionally clear image. The lens design also incorporates 5 different layers of “cinema quality” glass to help in maximizing image depth and clarity.

The lens, cap, and microfiber bag included in the kit.

Moment also offers a 12 month warranty for their lenses which is always a reassuring thing.

The company does have a great reputation in their field and are consistently rated 4+ stars in the online community. However, one thing to keep in mind with this particular lens is that it is only compatible with the cases manufactured by Moment. The lens, instead of clipping over the phone, screws directly into the case. On the one hand, this does mean giving up your current case (or at least taking it off and slapping on Moment’s case to use the lens). On the other, it also guarantees exceptional stability and a perfect fit every time.

Moment does make beautiful cases in a variety of colors and designs and for a variety of different smartphone models. And they are rated just as highly as their made to fit lenses.

Moment case: walnut and black (lens attached).

All in all, this case is a great product recommended for those who don’t mind spending a little more to get more.

Don’t feel like shopping for a lens and case separately? Click here to view Moment’s prebundled case/lens kits

Macro Lens by Moment

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Similar in design and construction to it’s cousin above only designed for taking extreme closeup photos; from about an inch away from the intended object. A really nice touch on Moment’s Macro Lens is the removeable light diffuser (the white ring seen above) which helps greatly in  reducing shadows in the viewfinder.

This product requires the same compatible case by Moment and the same upfront investment but will provide exceptional photo quality for years to come.

To see more of Momen’s products and to learn more about what they do, visit their Amazon store by clicking here. Or click on the button below to view this lense directly on Amazon.

Lens Kit by Yieasy

This is an extremely user friendly lens kit. It’s also quite easy on the budget as well. If you’re looking to increase your phone’s camera ability without going over $20, this one is probably for you

Light, simple and secure this lens makes taking better pictures a snap. It is technically classified as a “3 in 1” kit but we found the option of screwing the two lenses included in the kit together to create a 3rd all but impossible to do. The user manual wasn’t much help either but, then again, for the price point it’s hard to complain.

On the plus side, the lenses feel quite well made the requesite weight and solidness you’d expect. The caps are also quite secure and everything fits into the whitish carry bag very well. We like the carry bag being a light color because it makes it very easy to find in your bag despite it’s tiny size. Why is photography gear so often black of all colors? Must be tradition.

The kit complete with lenses, caps, and carry bag. 

The complete kit is surprising light and small. Just a little bigger than a ping pong ball. Perfect to keep in your bag.

Lens Kit by OREA

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This kit is a good middle range option for someone who doesn’t want to drop a lot of cash on a professional grade kit but still wants more options and quality than the less expensive kits available.

OREA offers a 3 year warranty for this kit as well as free lifetime customer service.



The kit includes three separate lenses but is listed as a 4 in 1 lens kit. This is because the macro and wide angle lenses are attached together but can be unscrewed from eachother to function as two separate lenses.

There is also a telephoto lens and a fisheye lens to cover just about all the types of shots your average amateur photographer would want to take.

Connection is made to your smartphone via a sturdy clip that is transferabble between all three lenses. As you can, see the diameter of the lense is somewhat larger than many other smartphone lens kit models meaning higher capacity and lense quality.

The company recommends that you remove any case you may have on your phone before attaching the lenses as it ensures a better fit and therefore a clearer picture. This point is also true for a good number of other lens kits on the market and likely the reason for a number of bad reviews saying this type of product doesn’t work. Some kits are case-compatible. Some aren’t. Always take the time to play around with whatever kit you go with to see how it works with your particular phone model.




Professional iPhone 7 lens kit by MOMAX

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Designed exclusively for the iPhone 7 this lens kit features a unique attachement method that essentially hugs your smartphone by slipping over the factory case from above or from the side. One nice point about this setup is that it works with both the forward pointing camera and the backward one as well. So you can take some pretty amazing selfies. It is also exceedingly secure and offers an effortless way to ensure a perfect fit.

You will pay a slightly higher price point for this unit but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The MOMAX lens kit is very solidly designed.

The kit includes four separate lenses, a mount for the iPhone 7, a macro focus hood to eliminate shadows and a convenient carrying case to help keep it all together.

The mount includes a fixed knob to very the width of the mounting mechanism to ensure a correct fit even if your phone has a case. There is, however, a huge variety in case designs and thicknesses so be sure to do your due dillegence in researching if it will work with yours. A large number of cases where a customer’s smartphone lens kit “didn’t work” was simply because the kit was incompatible with their phone case.

The case featured is designed exclusively for the iPhone 7 but the company does make a variety of other products compatible with other phone models.

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