Despite the amazing digital potential of smartphone technology they are still highly dependent on that one essential piece of hardware: a cable. And a cable is certainly not just a cable. New innovations in design and materials are being introduced all the time to help with the need for a reliable, speedy way of both recharging your phone and transferring data.

Our selections:

iPhone cable 4 pack by Akaho

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Designed strictly for the iPhone and similar sized Apple products ( iPhone 7/7 plus, 6/6s/6 plus/6s plus, 5/5s/5c/se, iPad, iPod Nano 7, and iPod touch) this is a great product and one that just about every iPhone owner could use. Here is why:

The cords are housed in double-braided nylon making them much stronger and resistant to wear and tear than the familiar white cord your phone came with. Being that nylon has a very low degree of friction, these cords are also tangle free meaning you can keep one in your bag or in a drawer without playing “knot master” the next time you go to use it.

The cords come in different lengths. The shortest is 3ft (about 6 inches shorter than the standard white cable). The two mid-length cables are 6 ft. And the longest is 10 feet. Which is long enough to use somewhere like in an airport or even in a room without an outlet as you can use the one in the hall. This may seem like a minor point but could actually make a huge difference as anyone who has been tethered to within 3.5 feet of their phone while it was charging can tell you.

The fact that it’s a 4 pack means you can cover all of your Apple devices in one go. Unless, that is, you’re a serious Apple aficionado with more than 4 devices (and we all know they do exist). Seriously, though, having more than a single cable on hand can be a godsend.

These are safe and they charge fast. For anyone with pets or small children, the idea of a fraying cable plugged into the wall can be concerning. The soft and flexible feel yet extreme tensile strength of the double nylon braiding can bring you peace of mind. Also, these cable are known for charging very fast.


Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 

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This cable is designed for durability. The company, Anker, based on their own research and testing, is confident enough in their own design to offer an 18 month warranty. This should say a lot when you think of the amount of wear and tear the average smartphone cable goes through. The majority of cables will begin showing wear well before half that amount of time has passed.

This cable is specifcally designed to be tangle proof and is well known for its longevity. At 6ft long, just under twice the length of the standard iPhone cable, it will more than suffice for your cable needs; especially when you you consider how long it will last you. With an over 80% occurence of 5 star reviews on Amazon, it is in a class of its own. It also comes in 4 different colors: red, gray, white and golden (“golden”, how cool is that?)

What makes it special? Anker has spent a lot of time and money on their own internal testing to maximize their claims in product quality and value. They continue to offer supportive and friendly customer service which means you can have your questions answered; a surprisngly rare thing in today’s world of startups and the pursuit of the quick buck.




The tough double nylon braiding helps preven tangling and increases longevity. The cable ends have also been reinforced for durability.



This cable is designed specifically for iPhone models 5s thru iPhone X. Please feel free to view this and similar products on Amazon by clicking here.