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Whether you use it at the gym, on the trail, on the road or just around the house smartphone armbands can make life a whole lot easier. Especially if you combine your armband with a decent case. The best phone armbands are hands free and functional. They eliminate any worries about fitting your phone into your pocket or, god forbid, sitting on it and smashing your screen. Anyone who’s lost their phone screen or even their entire phone when an armband could’ve saved it will be able to tell you that armbands are a very sound investment. They are great for everyone from the sports enthusiast to the busy parent. And as innovations in design and material have increased, their average price has become much more friendly on the wallet.

We’ve done our best to find the most unique and varied types of phone armband out there for our selections below. Of course, there is only so much variance in something as simple and functional as an armband, but we found some pretty unique stuff for you. Be it magnetic coupling mechanisms, armbands specifically for runners, or armbands designed to fit your phone in its burliest of burly cases, you should find something below.

Our selections:

Magnetic Mount Armband by Reserwa

Magnetic Mount Armband by Reserwa best phone armbands

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This armband takes things a step further by introducing a very innovative magnetic coupling system to secure the phone to your arm. Which means you can essentially just snap it in and out of the mount without going through the acrobatics other strap designs may require. What difference does it make? Read on:

It makes the phone much easier to take on and off your arm. No more dealing with multiple straps, Velcro and buttons simply to get to your phone. This can be a massive hassle if someone is calling you or you need to turn off or pause your audio in a hurry. A lot of strap designs make the error of sacrificing phone security for accessibility. Strapping your phone down like lawn furniture in a windstorm is nice if you don’t plan on using it. Not so much if you do. This simple snap-in/snap-out design combines the best of security and accessibility. Another nice touch is that the armband itself is reflective.

Magnetic Mount Armband by Reserwa best phone armbands



The design means you don’t have to remove the strap and put it back on every time you want to use your phone. No more on again off again. Just snap it in and snap it out.

 it minimizes the surface area of the phone (and strap) in contact with your arm. This means you get the same or more support and phone security with less material wrapped around your arm. This makes it much more comfortable to wear. It also reduces the friction and potential for rash and other skin irritations from sweating. Anyone who’s ever trained hard in a strap that doesn’t let your arm breath can tell you it’s no fun.

The super simple strap design is extremely adjustable.

Magnetic Mount Armband by Reserwa best phone armbands

Some may question how reliable a magnetic coupling system may be but this setup is strong. The coupling is designed to connect at the phone’s center of gravity creating a great sense of balance. It is also rated consistently in reviews as being extremely secure while being easy to snap in and out at the same time. This thing is tough. The design  has a beautiful blend of simplicity and strength. This armband is the next generation in smartphone gear to help you do more with less. Give it a try without breaking the bank.


VUP Workout iPhone Armband

VUP Workout iPhone Armband best phone armbandsClick on image to view on Amazon US.

Another very highly reviewed best seller in the onilne community. Designed to accomodate phones fro 4 to 5.5 inches/10.6 to 13.97cm.

VUP Workout iPhone Armband best phone armbands

This is a flexible enough range to accomodate iPhone models 5 thur X and a good number of Samsung Galaxy models.

Another cool feature of this armband is that the mount allows your phone to swivel for easy viewing while you wear it. No more craning your neck to check notifications or change up your audio. A subtle but very nice touch that really makes this one worth checking out.

VUP Workout iPhone Armband best phone armbands


The neoprene material the band is made of is highly breathable.  The design of the band itself is quite minimal meaning less contact with your skin. Great for high intensity workouts or any other activity that’s going to make you sweat. This armband really is designed for the active wearer. Whether on the trail, in the gym or somewhere in between, this armband will do its job without a lot of discomfort.

VUP Workout iPhone Armband best phone armbands





The super-elastic bands being stretched in the image above are designed to give a wide range of smarphone sizes a very secure fit meaning no worries when running or doing any other kind of high intensity training.

The two slit design pictured to the right means you can significantly decrease or increase the diameter of the band’s strap to suit a variety of different bicep sizes. You needn’t be a either a stick figure thin runner or a burly weight lifter to have this one stay on your arm.


Tune Belt Armband

Tune Belt Armband best phone armbandsClick on image to view on Amazon.

Specifically designed to hold your phone with its case on. And not just any case, either. The Tune Belt phone armband is designed to accomodate the Otterbox Defender Series and LifeProof cases; both of which are famous for their toughness and longevity. So, if you’re looking for an armband guaranteed to house your tougher and slightly larger than average case, this could be an option.

Tune Belt Armband best phone armbandsThe Tune Belt reviews very highly for its comfort and stability. The wide design of the phone housing also means a secure, hug type of fit on your arm which keeps the slightly larger load a little more snug. Yes, you will probably sweat a little more but the armband is guaranteed washable and incorporate sweat wicking technology into the weave.  The strap is designed for a bicep diameter up to 16 inches / 40cm. If you happen to be a “particularly built individual” you’re in luck because the company also sells an armstrap extender to add up to another 6inches/ 15.24cm.

Tune Belt Armband best phone armbands


This strap will also fit a  of phone makes and models from different companies.

Compatible models include iPhone 6 thur X (with Otterbox or LifeProof cases), and the Samsung Galaxy S6 thru 8. The company also offers a variety of different case models if you’re not an iPhone or Samsung user. Click here to visit their Amazon US store. The image to the left also gives some useful infor in regard to what phone would work with this particular case. With the sheer number of phone models and cases available today, shoppers should always, always verify that the case they want will work with the phone they have. Common sense, but hey, if we can save one shopper the frustration and inconvenience of having an incompatible case show up at the door then, mission accomplished is what we say.
Tune Belt Armband best phone armbands



The armband in action. We like the special headphone cord coupling to keep the cord from getting tangled while running, training, or whatever it is you do while wearing it. Little design features like this are what separate a great product from an ok product.


The American based company, Tune Belt, Inc. was founded in 1983 and has now been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years. That’s longer than a good number of smartphone users have been alive. The company is focused on quality products and says themselves that they “focus on the long game” when it comes to what they make. If you want to know more or just want to take the plunge and place an order, click on the button below.

Amazon UK tune belt armband best phone armbands


Water Resistant  Armband by Tribe

Water Resistant  Armband by Tribe best phone armbands

Tough, durable and compatible with a large number of phones this one has spent some time as one of Amazon’s #1 best sellers. Something not easily done.

This phone armband is currently available in 8 different colors ( a rarity for armbands): black, gray, black/red, dark blue, dark pink, light blue, light pink and purple. The company also offer a %100 no questions asked money back guarantee. Always nice and, even for the smallest of purchases, should give the buyer confidence in their purchase.

Water resistant armband best phone armbands

The armband offers two sizing options. “Option A”, where the strap is inserted through the top slit. And “Option B”, where the strap is inserted through the bottom slip. This creates a difference in diameter of between 3 to 4 inches/7.6 to 10.16cm. The band will fit bicep sizez of between 8 to 16 inches/ 20.3 to 40.6cm.

Another feature is the band’s extraordinary lightness. At only 1.5 ounces it’s unlikely to weigh you down. And a nice addition to your gear if you’re planning on using it for runniing.  It is also made of environmentally friendly SGS approved neoprene. Strong, flexible and built to last.

Water resistant armband best phone armbands


Some nice addons include a key holder  and a reflective band around the perimeter of the screen to increase your visibility to drivers and pedestrians just  that much more.


The key holder will only fit a single key, But, if you’re a runner, one key is all you need as anything more generally adds unessecary weight and noise.

It also has  a screen protector and is made from a highly water resistant type of neoprene for extra protection from the elements.

The band has a secure fit and is rather simple and direct in its design. It is also generally available for a very good price and will likely last you for a long time to come.

Slim and minimal, this case gets the job done without hassle or frill.  We also really like the general look of it. The adjustability of the strap is another nice feature that makes it comfortable to wear and versatile enough to fit a number of different arm sizes.

Water resistant armband best phone armbands

At present this band has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon. Of those 14,000 reviews, 67% are 5 star. So, we feel it is safe to say that this one is a winner. Would you like to learn more, read reviews or just take the plunge and place an order? Click on the button below.

Amazon UK tune belt armband best phone armbands


Smartphone Armband for Running by Simptech
Simptech Running Phone Forearm Armband best phone armbands

This band is still relatively new on the market but is already making a very positive impact. Stylish and simple in design this armband is highly adaptable to a wide range of phone models from different makers.

Simptech Running Phone Forearm Armband best phone armbands

It also features a unique ergonomic design aimed specifically at the needs of runners. The material is highly breathable and the strap features the same, two-slit design as the Water Resistant  Armband by Tribe featured above, to offer a comfortable fit for a variety of arm sizes.

The band also offers a single key holder and earphone organizers. This is a great touch for runners. There are times when you will need to take your earphones out even if you are still on a run. It can be awkward trying to hold them in one hand or to keep them from getting tangled. This is a nice touch we’d like to emphasize about this armband. Nice one, Simptech!


The mount is also fully rotatable up to 180 degrees. This allows you to simply spin it into an easy viewing angle while it’s still on your arm. A nice touch for those times when you may need to work with your screen in more detailed operations like sending a text or entering an address into your maps app.No more craning your neck or having to take the armband compeletly off just to get through a 10 second task.

The armband is also designed to function on your forearm as well as your bicep. This isn’t exactly a common feature in smartphone armstraps. But it could be particularly useful for runners looking to beat times on familiar courses etc.

Simptech Running Phone Forearm Armband best phone armbands

The mounting mechanism is the typical “rubber band trap” type of attachment that holds your phone snug from above and below under tension. Proven and secure Simptech went with a method they know will work. This is also the perfect choice for runners. This strap can handle the shock and impact the phone will go through whether on the road, track or trail.

The company currently offers a one year warranty on this armband as well. So, you should  get a good feel for the fit and quality of it well within the warranty period.

Another feature we like about this phone armband is the sheer number of phones it works with. This is a nice consideration for the company to take as it brings a lot of peace of mind to customers knowing that the armband will actually fit the phone they have.

runners case best phone armbands

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