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The interplay of mechanical to digital and back.

Chances are, if you’re visiting this website, you’ve already gained value from your smartphone. We here at are here to help you find smartphone accessories to get even more out of your little handheld buddy.

Few things have changed the way we work and play more quickly and drastically than the advent of the smartphone. Can you remember life before it? It’s only been a little over a decade since the first iPhone came onto the market and things have never been the same.

Gone are the days of having to boot your laptop to surf the web. Gone are the days of being unable to convert your text messages to email. Heck, with the call features a lof of message apps offer, gone are the days of having to signe with a cell phone coverage provider. And gone are the days of looking like this guy below.

The first iPhone, the iPhone 1, triggered a revolution in how we approach technology. Then came a revolution in how we approach communication and business. From the desktop, to the laptop, to our phone. Staying in touch and making things happen is only getting easier.

Almost immediately after the first iPhone blew Apple’s competitors out of the water, other tech companies scrambled to come up with something of their own. It was a race to new sales channels for some. And a race simply to stay in business for others. Thus came the Android platform. And now, just barely a decade later, online connectedness is now a major force in our lives. The world of smartphone technology  continues to evolve. And, along with it, there exists an entire industry of smartphone accessories to help you augment, leverage, extend and otherwise just make plain old better the many, many capabilities of your “phone”. 

The simplicity, security and convenience and convenience of the smartphone are absolutely amazing. They save time. They save money. And they let us make things happen at a pace that would have been unbelievable just a few short years ago. And they are so very, very accessible.

As some might say, once you go with a smartphone there is no going back. They are the perfect manifestation of the digital age as it manifests in the 21st century and will likely remain a popular and useful item for a very, very long time.

Moreover, the rise of the smartphone has also given birth to an entire industry of phone accessories. And there is a plethora of them out there to leverage the amazing capacity of your device.

No longer are cell phone accessories limited to danglers or stickers for your flip phone. Today, you can literally turn your smartphone into a mini studio with lenses and tripods , a sound system for a party by using Bluetooth speakers, a navigation system for your car or bike by installing a mount, or a nearly limitless host of other functions that make calling these smart devices simply “a phone” almost kind of awkward.

Remember the early days of cell phone technology? Remember what a novel thing it was to actually see one in public? So much has changed.

First came the infamous “suitcase phone”, then the “brick phone”, the “not so big brick phone”, the flip phone and, then, finally the first iPhone. But, believe it or not, as amazing and revolutionary as the iPhone 1 was, it was not the original smartphone. Not in the truest sense.

It was the most evolved and market ready platform of its time. And it was implemented and marketed absolutely brilliantly at a time when the world was ready.

Take a look at the video below to see how far things have come. Consider it a lesson in history and a reminder of how much a single innovation can change how we work and play.


Hey, you learn something everyday.

So, what do you think? It’s amazing to reflect on how much our world has been changed by the rise of the smartphone, no? What’s even more amazing to consider is that this is only the beginning. Yes, smartphones have introduced an entirely new platform. And yes, they have made business and social transaction that much easier. But we have only begun to touch on the level of potential.

Where things will go from here is anyone’s guess. But we’re excited to be even a small part of the ride. It is said that we will see more innovation in the 21st century than we will in all of recorded history up until the present. We are truly on the crest of a wave that is growing exponentially. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what is happening:


And we hope you’ll get something from your visit to this website to help you get even more out of what your smartphone can do for you.

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